Navigating Cultures: Insights from a Workday Localization Program Manager

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3 min readOct 26, 2023


Navigating Cultures

I’m originally from Italy, and after graduating in Computer Science with a few years of work experience in Quality Assurance under my belt, I decided to take on a new challenge and embark on a new journey. Without any guarantees, I left everything and moved to China, where I lived and worked for six years. This transformative experience prepared me for subsequent challenges. I then moved to Malaysia for about one year and finally, when I had the chance to join Workday, I relocated to Singapore where I currently reside.

I am now a part of the incredible Workday Singapore office, and although my team is spread across different parts of the world, I never feel alone at Workday. Workmates in the Singapore office are simply awesome!

Having experienced cultural nuances in each country I’ve lived in has given me an even better understanding of the importance of localization. Localization is the process of adapting a deliverable, like a product, to a specific country or region through translations and cultural adaptations. Being a Program Manager with the Localization Team at Workday is a demanding yet fulfilling role that requires meticulous planning and effective communication.

I work with trusted vendors, as well as our internal local teams to produce efficient localization workflows and translation requirements. My role is key to ensure that Workday products and content are accessible in multiple languages and adapted to meet the cultural and linguistic expectations of target markets.

Supporting Workday’s Expansion

Our team oversees the entire process of entering new markets from a content and software perspective, therefore supporting Workday’s expansion in different regions and markets.

Let’s suppose a marketing asset or a sales pitch is to be presented to a prospect in a local language rather than English. The responsible team will get in touch with the Localization Team, and will manage the entire content localization process. Or, if there’s an upcoming Workday event in a country, and we need background videos, we will make our videos more accessible to the audience by adding additional subtitles. I hope you’re getting a gist of what we do!

We also work very closely with Workday’s Digital teams to support continuous localization of our website, providing localized web pages. In a competitive marketplace, this ensures that Workday’s web presence is up-to-date and relevant for our global visitors.

Crafting Messages That Resonate Across Cultural Boundaries

What I love most about this role is its collaborative nature; it allows me to engage with almost every department within our company, from Marketing to Sales, Presales, and Product teams, you name it, the Localization Team will have probably worked with them! Every day I collaborate with internal stakeholders and professional linguists, crafting messages that resonate across cultural boundaries. I love our versatility, and this allows me to get in touch and meet different people every day.

Collaboration is the cornerstone of successful localization. By fostering open communication, sharing ideas, and pooling expertise, teams can navigate the complexities of localization with ease. The collective effort brings diverse perspectives, enhances problem-solving capabilities, and ensures a seamless localization process. Embracing collaboration not only improves the quality of localized content but also strengthens team dynamics and fosters a sense of unity. So, let us recognize the power of collaboration and work together towards achieving exceptional localization outcomes. That’s how we make brighter work days.

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